BREXIT is a comic-didactic show with strong elements of physical theatre performed by Tom Corradini and Samuel Toye, a young and promising British actor. The show is played in English and it is targeted for high school students and adults learning English at B1 level.

June 23, 2016 – more than 30 million UK citizens are called to vote in a referendum. The question asked is simple and straightforward: “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?

A father and a son debate on their stance on the vote. They are united in blood but divided in spirit. Charles is a self-made businessman. Eric is a young man aspiring to become an artist. The two characters argue their respective position while digressing on the essence what being British and European really means to them. The debate turns from surreal to grotesque, from bitter to absurd, until both of them cast their vote… and wait for the outcome of the referendum.

Brexit, spettacolo di Tom Corradini

A small metaphor of the battle between the  “leavers” and “remainers”, which is still inflaming the United Kingdom today.


INDICATED FOR THE FOLLOWING AUDIENCES: High school students and adults learning English at a B1 level.

The show can be staged directly in schools or in theatres affiliated with the company