FACE THE MUSIC - Spettacolo in lingua inglese per le scuoleWritten and performed by: Tom Corradini
Produced by: Action Theatre in English

A MUSIC AND COMEDY WORKSHOP for students of the high-school “biennio” (14-15 year old). 75 minutes of songs, music and fun with plenty of listening and lexis, elements of Anglo-Saxon Culture, interactive improvisational games, short sketches, and lots of English conversation and audience involvement.

The workshop is staged directly in schools and is suitable for groups composed by four-three classes up to a maximum of about 200 students.

It is ideal for schools with venues (auditoriums or labs) equipped with a video-projection system. If necessary the company can provide an appropriate portable video system depending on the number of students involved.

For info about this show please contact  Action Theatre in English www.actiontheatreinenglish.com – Send a message to have more info