TOM CORRADINI (Artistic Director)
Tom CorradiniComic actor, writer, musician and clown, bilingual English-Italian, he trained at the Atelier Teatro Fisico Philip Radice, Turin (Lecoq method). In 2010 he founded the company Tom Corradini Teatro writing, producing and distributing comic and modern clown shows. He has performed his shows in Italy, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, and France, with positive response from audiences and reviewers. His full artistic profile is visible on the site  E-talenta or Spotlight .

ROBERTO MAZZONE (Press and Media Relations)
Roberto MazzoneRoberto Mazzone is a journalist and theatre reviewer, member of ANCT – the Italian National Association of Theatre Reviewers.
He collaborates with the main Italian  online theatre magazine, and with the website Amici del Musical. He’s the co-author of the web radio programme  “TOBUKI″ on air every 2 weeks on Radio MBun.

MICHELE DI DEDDA (Artistic Vice-director)
Michele Di DeddaComic actor, juggler, musician, and drummer. He trained at the Atelier Teatro Fisico Philip Radice, Turin (Lecoq method). He is specialised in mime, visual comedy and modern clowning. He is the artistic vice-director of the company and actor in the shows “FREEZE” and “I FRATELLI LEHMAN”

CLARE STENNING (France and International production)
Franco-British actress, Clare began her career in Paris. She currently lives between France and Italy. She manages the front-office of the company’s activities in French-speaking countries and the back-office of international productions. She is fully bilingual in French and English, and also speaks fluent Italian.

SAMUEL TOYE (Actor and mime artist)
Samuel ToyeBritish actor. He graduated at East 15 Acting School and later specialized in physical theatre, mime, and modern masks. He’s the protagonist and co-writer of the show BREXIT

MARCO DE MARTIN MODOLOADO (actor, producer and writer)

Marco De Martin has extensive experience as writer, producer and director of stage and video shows. He collaborates with Tom Corradini Teatro in the development and production of TV & video formats. He is currently engaged in the development of the edutainment TV format for teaching English “ENGLISH MIME”. He is the co-writer and protagonist of the show “MISTER JACKPOT”


ANITA COLANGELO  (Actress, costumes and set design)

She begins studying at the Galante Garrone and then attends the Performing arts University of Philip Radice. She then begins a personal research studying sculpture and puppetry at the M.A.A.F of Pinerolo and begins working as a costume and set designer after attending the institute of Fashion and Design of Asti. She plays the role of protagonist in the silent comedy show “FREEZE”

MONICA CARELLI (actress, writer and corporate events)
Monica CarelliMonica Carelli is a writer, actress, and singer. She collaborates with Tom Corradini Teatro in the management of large corporate events and she is writer and co-host of the web radio programme “TOBUKI, il teatro a km0.”

SIMONA RANDAZZO (Actress, puppeteer and artistic consultant)
Simona RandazzoSimona Randazzo is a Lecoqian trained actress, trained at the Atelier Teatro Fisico Philip Radice. Later she has dedicated her efforts to puppet theatre, participating with the Cirque de Soleil in the show “Alla Vita” held at the 2015 World’s Fair. She collaborates in “invisible theatre” events and as a puppet designer.