Fratelli Lehman
Visual comedy and modern clown show
(by Michele Di Dedda)

with Tom Corradini and Michele Di Dedda)

A nouveau clown show about the story of the Fratelli Lehman, two bankers that are desperately trying to turn around the bankruptcy of their bank by dragging the audience into one hour of delirious folly.

Mike Lehman is an introvert and pragmatic type of person, who spent years trading with derivatives. Tom Lehman is open and extrovert, ready to grant you mortgages at convenient alcoholic rates.

The 2 clowns examine, in an ironic and raw way, the avidity of an imaginary bank that wants to propose its own financial products at all costs.

From a dinner with financial newspapers to the daily necessities of life, the conflict between the reality of a stomach that needs to be filled and the infinite and virtual desire of the current financial system is shown to the audience in an original and absurd comic way.

Show for audiences of all ages and nationalities

“A good reason to close your long positions”CNBC
“Give them a finger and they’ll return your arm in monthly instalments.”Financial Times
“They could jeopardize the future of our civilisation”Wall Street Journal
“The West is fucked, they fucked it.”The Economist