workshopWorkshop of 1 or 2 days directed to people with a passion for theatre or clowning who want to explore techniques for the creation of a stage character, not necessarily a comic one, and discover through this workshop their “own” hidden stage character.

The workshop is based on Tom Corradini’s professional experience in the creation and production of comic-theatre shows and it can be connected to any show offered by the company.

In accordance to the pedagogical style developed by Jaques Lecoq, the participants are encouraged to discover their personal potential in a “negative way” i.e. without the prior indication of a “correct” or “pre-established” manner but rather inviting them to explore a particular theme using techniques of creative experimentation.

The workshop is thus carried out through theatre games, guided improvisation and “self-awareness” exercises in order to grasp the essential elements which can be used to create a stage character and, at the same time, encourage lateral thinking.

No particular preparation is required for the participants. It is suggested to bring along clothing of neutral colour which facilitates movement and physical activities.

Elements of the workshop
Group games
Interior voice of the character
Physicality of the character
Character peculiar features

Balance and unbalance
Individual and group improvisation