A unique festival in a special city

"We began this journey driven by a vision: create a festival of shows which can be seen by audiences of any nationality thanks to the universal language of physical theatre. A festival open to the world set in a marvellous city, where culture and tradition merge with modernity and style. Our strength lies in a group of people moved by their passion for theatre, love for their territory, and the courage to pursue their dreams. This is FISICO."



Tom Corradini

Direttore Artistico - Artistic Director

Giovanna Ginevra Stella

Responsabile organizzativo e PR - Organisation and PR

Marco Sugliano

Gestione e sviluppo - Management & Development

Paolo Scaglia

Direzione tecnica - Technical manager

Vincenza Di Vita

Addetto Stampa - Press Officer

Giulia Marchiaro

Grafica e concept design - Graphics

Eunice Brovida

Fotografa - Photographer

Rosa Vinci

Direzione tecnica - Technical manager

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