Il Teatrino

Via S. Paolo, Alba

A small venue in the centre of the city with central and lateral lights. Ideal for intimate or small size performance of up to two actors.

The stage area is modular. Width: 2.4-6 m

Depth: 2.3 or 4 m

Seating capacity: 45 seats


Piazzale Beausoleil, 1, Alba

A larger mid-sized venue with a more complex technical set-up used for concerts or theatre performances.

Stage area: width 5 m, depth

5m, height 3,5 m

Seating capacity 80 seats

Teatro Sociale 'Giorgio Busca'

Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 3, Alba

The most prestigious theatre of the city of Alba, divided in two venues (modern and old one) which share the same stage. 

The opening show of the festival will be hosted in the old or ‘historical’ venue, with a seating capacity of almost 300 seats.

Stage area: width 17 m, depth 8-13 m, height 15 m


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Piazzale Beausoleil 1, Alba


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