Otto Gross Munster – Strunzbank

STRUNZBANK is a big German bank with headquarters in Frankfurt

STRUNZBANK is an edutainment multi-year-long project aimed at teaching economics in a comic manner linked to a YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Most of all, STRUNZBANK is a live show for events, seminars, fairs and company meetings with special emphasis on themes which deal with the corporate world: economics, company organization, marketing, etc.

Its CEO Otto Grossmunster will lead you into the crazy world of Teutonic finance using a mix of modern clowning, music, and comic theater. Each show is built around the main theme of your event and it is ideal to give that spark of surprise and novelty which will turn your event into an unforgettable experience.

STRUNZBANK can be adapted for an international audience (Otto speaks a perfect English, although with a strong German accent, and he’s able to interact in the main European languages).

Adaptable for non-conventional venues Strunzbank is at its best in the typical company presentation and convention settings, with access to video projection and PC pair-up. However, Strunzbank limits are solely dictated by fantasy and creativity. Give us details on the place where you want Otto Grossmunster to perform and we’ll adapt to your needs.