Inspired by the true story of Kaspar Hauser.

A theatrical representation of the psychological effects of a lockdown imposed on a human being from childhood to adult life, staged through the language of physical and gesture theatre.

A human being on the stage. No gender, no age, no place, no time.

The protagonist moves, walks, talks, sings, smells, emotes, listens, sees, feels, touches, discovers, admires, cowers back, feels fear. The place you find yourself in looks completely unfamiliar to you, You can’t recognize anything around you, you can’t remember anything about you. You are alone and restricted in a place where seemingly nothing obstructs your escape and yet you can’t escape. You don’t know what you can do… You do not dare to do anything… and this is not a bad dream but reality.

A lockdown carried out behind the bars of an invisible prison, within which safety from the outside world is traded with an alienating inner solitude.


Picture by Eunice Brovida

Director: Yannis Didaskalou
Actor: Christina Bakastathi
Light design: Ino Pikioni, Yannis Didaskalou
Costumes and scenography: Marina Konstantinidou, Ino Pikioni
Assistant director: Giorgos Konstantinou
Company: Thess Culture & Faltsoi Theatre Ensemble (Thessaloniki – Greece)


Christina Bakastathi was born in Patras in 1995. She has been involved with theatre since 2009, taking part at theatre and dance theatre workshops in her town. She is a graduate of School of Drama – Faculty of Fine Arts in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, specialized in acting. She has attended modern dance’ seminars by Alexandros Gountinakis – dancer and choreographer.


Yannis Didaskalou was born in Athens in 1986. He has been involved with theatre since 2008, taking part at university theatre groups, theatre workshops and seminars. He studied theatre mask, physical theatre , body and ancient drama at Olympus Theatre of Gloucester, in association with the National Theatre of England. He is currently studying Directing and Acting, at the School of Drama – Faculty of Fine Arts in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He is also teaching Acting at Parsifal Laboratory of Theatre and has directed several plays. Some of his performances have been staged in International Festivals, such us Shanghai International Experimental Festival 2020 (China) and the 2020 Ιnternational Festival of University Theatre of Casablanca (Morocco).