Visual and physical comedy show
(by Tom Corradini and Michele Di Dedda)

Andrèn just wanted to fit in society
Attina just wanted to speak with her plant
Angelo just wanted to do his job

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with Tom Corradini, Michele Di Dedda, Alice Piano

Scenography: Simona Randazzo

4 walls, 3 destinies, 1 apartment. A plumber from Eastern Europe, a florist, and a nurse share their daily paths within a psychiatric ward, in a comic and bizarre magnetic resonance of our reality.

A bizarre physical-comic analysis of three characters moving within a stage area where,through series of visual comedy gags, they tell in an eccentric way their personal story, dreams and emotional development.

A show where visual comedy situations (object trouvé, eccentric character, clowning) alternate with moments of physical theater so as to engage the audience by means of an innovative and surreal comic language. An alternative view of the humanity and intimate eccentricity hidden within all of us.

Suitable for audiences of all age and nationalities