Tom Corradini Teatro is a company engaged in theatre, visual comedy and modern clowning. Founded by Tom Corradini, it produces and distributes shows for adults and adolescents. The company shows are suitable for international audiences, with physical and gesture theatre performances or shows in English, Italian and French. In the years the company has enlarged its activities in the educational field, developing distance and online learning projects, and in the artistic direction of multicultural events overcoming linguistic barriers

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From May 2021 the association has transferred its operational activity to the new headquarters located in Piazza del Podio n. 10 in Cinzano Torinese inside the Nietta Aprà Library.

An oasis of peace just 25 minutes from Turin, ideal for those who want to plan events away from the hustle and bustle of the city in an area that offers genuine contact with nature.


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Spettacolo coinvolgente che tratta una tematica, quella del cyberbullismo, che non possiamo non affrontare con i nostri alunni. Un’occasione importante per riflettere insieme sui pericoli rappresentati dalle reti sociali e sulla necessità di parlare con gli altri, non appena la situazione sfugge dal nostro controllo. “#Virginie” permette dunque di trasmettere un messaggio importante alle giovani generazioni, in maniera diversa, toccante.

Laura Ferraro Docente #Virginie