I FRATELLI LEHMAN (The Lehman Brothers)

   VISUAL AND PHYSICAL COMEDY SHOW A nouveau clown show about the story of the Fratelli Lehman, a couple of bankers and financiers whose uncanny ability and skills have made them famous and respected all over the world. Apparently they have…


(SINCERE MOMENTS OF VITALITY) VISUAL AND PHYSICAL COMEDY SHOW Andrèn just wanted to fit in society Attina just wanted to speak with her plant Angelo just wanted to do his job 4 walls, 3 destinies, 1 apartment. A plumber from…


DANCE THEATRE AND PHYSICAL COMEDY The relationship between a woman and an high-tech answering machine and her desperation in being unable to comply with its requests.  A critical exploration of the impact of new technologies on our daily lives. A...


ECONOMICS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME Otto Gross Munster – Strunzbank STRUNZBANK is a big German bank with headquarters in Frankfurt STRUNZBANK is an edutainment multi-year-long project aimed at teaching economics in a comic manner linked to a YOUTUBE CHANNEL Most of all,…


A great spectacle to be shown in every school from secondary to high schools, there should be no limits to it ! And no limit to the kind and the age of specators ! Cyberbullying may happen to anybody. Tom and his company present this very serious issue in an extremely gentle but at the same time powerful manner, with lots of music, body language and magnificent performance of the actresses. They have a way of captivating the audience that leaves you at the end lost in your thoughts and → continua

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