A great spectacle to be shown in every school from secondary to high schools, there should be no limits to it ! And no limit to the kind and the age of specators ! Cyberbullying may happen to anybody.
Tom and his company present this very serious issue in an extremely gentle but at the same time powerful manner, with lots of music, body language and magnificent performance of the actresses. They have a way of captivating the audience that leaves you at the end lost in your thoughts and you ask yourself “how come and what have we done and where did we go wrong … !?”
After the spectacle we had quite a lot of testimonies from our students , examples:
– a Korean students: très bien et impressionnant, je vous remercie de permettre de me susciter la vigilance(very good and impressive, thank you for allowing me to arouse vigilance),
– merci beaucoup au nom des spectateurs! (on behalf of the spectators thank you)
– the car mechanics : it was quite difficult , everything was in English but it was powerful !
Thank you

Beata Petit SEPR Training Center Lyon , France #VIRGINIE