BREXIT is a comic show with elements of physical theatre, written and performed by Tom Corradini and Samuel Toye.  June 23, 2016 - more than 30 million UK citizens are called to vote in a referendum. The question asked is simple and straightforward: “Should...


A SATIRICAL JOURNEY INTO THE MIND OF BENITO MUSSOLINI   July 24 1943. Rome. The Grand Council of Fascism meets to discuss the deposition of BENITO MUSSOLINI. The Duce, tired, stunned and overwhelmed by the reverses suffered by the Italian military,…


TRAGICOMIC THEATRE SHOW ABOUT CYBERBULLYING IN ENGLISH (intermediate level) NATIVE SPEAKERS AND LEARNERS OF ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE VIRGINIE is a 17 year-old student who recently moved with her family to a city in Minnesota, USA. She is an…


DANCE THEATRE AND PHYSICAL COMEDY The relationship between a woman and an high-tech answering machine and her desperation in being unable to comply with its requests.  A critical exploration of the impact of new technologies on our daily lives. A…


  AN EMOTIONAL EXPLORATION OF COMPULSIVE GAMBLING. A journey in the perverted excitement it triggers in all of us, in order to observe from a different perspective an ever-increasing phenomenon. The sinister attraction to gambling revealed by Mister Jackpot, a…

FACE THE MUSIC (Music Lab) – comedy music show for young English learners

A MUSIC AND COMEDY WORKSHOP for high-school students (14-15 year old). 70 minutes of songs, music and fun with plenty of listening and lexis, elements of Anglo-Saxon Culture, interactive improvisational games, short sketches, and lots of English conversation and audience involvement. The…


A great spectacle to be shown in every school from secondary to high schools, there should be no limits to it ! And no limit to the kind and the age of specators ! Cyberbullying may happen to anybody. Tom and his company present this very serious issue in an extremely gentle but at the same time powerful manner, with lots of music, body language and magnificent performance of the actresses. They have a way of captivating the audience that leaves you at the end lost in your thoughts and → continua

Beata Petit SEPR Training Center Lyon , France Virginie