Hamlet – Prince of Sweden


A ghost, a son who must avenge his father’s death, love, duels, intrigue, passion, death.

A theater company must stage HAMLET, Shakespeare’s most complex and most famous work. It took months of careful preparation, from sumptuous dresses to impressive sets, from incredible special effects to complex choreography. It will be a great show.

Two actors arrive at the appointment for the theatrical premiere. However, the other members of the cast are not there. A phone call warns them that they have been stranded in a serious car accident. The situation seems hopeless but there is no way that the premiere is going to be cancelled. As the saying goes “The Show must go on!”

The two actors throw themselves into the lion’s den, trusting in the strength of their skills to stage the greatest tragedy in literature, which soon turns into a clownish nightmare.

We are in the court of Sweden.

No, wait we are in the court of Denmark!

And we are in real trouble.

GENRE: comedy, physical comedy and nouveau clown

TARGET AUDIENCE: native speakers and students of English as a second language at B1 level