Hamlet – Prince of Sweden


From the couple that created BREXIT a new play about… THE PLAY! Shakespeare’s longest and most famous work.

A teacher explores the character of HAMLET, dissecting one of the world’s most influential pieces of literature in order to unweave the language that Shakespeare was known for.

However tragedy turns into a grotesque comedy when everything about a seemingly boring lecture goes horribly wrong.

In order to save the day he will have to confront his demons and rely on the help of his clumsy technician.

A comedy about a  story that lays bare man’s darkest emotions and topics: sadness, vengeance, anger, murder, treason.

Just the kind of stuff that makes the audience laugh.

GENRE: comedy and nouveau clown

TARGET AUDIENCE: native speakers and students of English as a second language at B1 level

With: Samuel Toye and Tom Corradini
Written by Tom Corradini and Samuel Toye