Avignon Off 2017 – Prize for best one-man performance awarded by Avignon à l’Unisson
A work rich in content which mixes the rigorous tone of the Duce with moment of great mime skills in the style of Louis de Funès. Tom Corradini delivers a formidable performance and, furthermore, in French…(read the translated review) (read the full review – in French)

Jérémy Engler – L’Envolée Culturelle
The strength of this show is to follow the historical path of the true Mussolini, showing his human side together with the one of the dictator, without giving a real judgment. The judgment is replaced by discredit and not condemnation. Something that makes of this one-man-show uno a brilliant and intelligent performance! (read the translated review) (read the full review – in French)

Henri Guette – Théâtrorama ( – 3 August 2017
The picture of his “mama”, the correspondence with Churchill, the fez, the gun… With these few means, the actor develops an extraordinary play, using the techniques of the clown and the resources of comedy, in order to paint the detailed portrait of a vulnerable and ghastly man at the same time. (read the translated review(read the full review – in French)

Michael Calcott’s Fringey Bits
Mussolini reflecting on his life and career may seem a rather ponderous subject but Tom Corradini had created a portrait of an engaging clown. As you would expect, Mussolini is vain overbearing and ridiculous, but he is also sentimental, frightened and resentful. There is a man underneath the bravado and he pops out at the most unusual moments… (read the full review)

Lorenzo Parolin – Il Giornale di Vicenza
1943, shadows and lights over Mussolini without using the glasses of ideology
You needed England to donate to Vicenza a deep and bold show. England because “Gran Consiglio Mussolini”, staged two nights ago on the venue Bixio of via Mameli, was born in English for audiences on the other side of the channel. Over there, the Second World War is a page of history which is read through the eyes of the winners and Mussolini is a historical character which is unable to have any effect on the electoral consensus or the polls. The spectator can then enjoy a human and political story without wearing the glasses of ideology… (read the full review)

Emma Moriconi – Il Giornale d’Italia 
A comic but intimate show, at times even romantic (link to the full review in Italian)



Sharon Lougher – Metro UK
Leave or remain, you’ll enjoy this noble little show

link to the full review or download as pdf

 Jérémy Engler – La Parole Aux Arts (France)
Le Brexit sur un air de famille (Brexit on a family tune)
 link to the full review in French or download translation as pdf

Lucy Komisar – The Komisar Scoop (USA) 
“Brexit”: Politics as vaudeville at Avignon 
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 or download as pdf